How I use protein powder

I use whey protein powders, the lowest carb one I’ve found is this one:

BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero. It has 1,5 grams of carbs per scoop. I’ve only tried vanilla and it’s pretty good. They also have chocolate and strawberry flavour. 

I have made 3 recipes with it: pancakes, waffles and ice cream. Yes, you read that right. 

Ice cream is really easy: mix 25 g of whey with 200 g of coconut milk. Add flavouring (cocoa, cinnamon or whatever you prefer) or berries. Freeze. Mix every few hours while in the freezer. Or put in a popsickle mold. 

Best pancakes: 2 egg yolks mixed with 25 g of whey and 250 g of ricotta and a bit of baking powder. Then add 2 egg whites whipped to stiff peaks. If you want, add cocoa etc. Fry with coconut oil or butter. Add cream and/or berries if you feel like it. Enjoy!

Waffles: mix an egg with 25 g of whey. Add seasoning, baking powder and a bit of water. Pour in waffle maker. Makes one big waffle. Feel free to add toppings. 

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  1. Mulle endale meeldib väga Selfi Micro Whey Active, kuna see on Steviaga ja sisaldab samuti väga vähe süsivesikuid (4 per 100 g). Fasti maitseta Cook Protein’iga saab väga häid küpsiseid teha 🙂


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