Berry season: eat it or not to eat it?

Summer is here and so are the berries. Strawberries, sweet cherries are ripe, rasperries, gooseberries, currants are on their way. But they all contain carbs. So on LCHF: what do you do? Eat only 3 strawberries a day although you have about 10 kilos in the garden?

If you are very strict, then the answer is YES, you stick to a couple. But I am willing to have a zero loss week or even gain a little for those 2 weeks we have sweet cherries or strawberries. I can easily have 150 grams of berries in a day. Then the season is over and I can go back to my regular 20 g of carbs a day. Currant and rasperry season I can handle, they aren’t my favourites anyway. But I can’t say the same about grapes, apples, peas and tomatoes. 

If I have it in my garden, I will eat it. But I won’t go to the store and buy berries or any fruit. The same goes for seeds and nuts, I just can’t eat them in moderation. Yes, I’m bad that way so I don’t keep them around the house. 

What would you do if you had a huge garden with all clean and yummy things growing? Let me know. 

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